Kind of Misbehavin' and 'Three String Blues' by Pete Townsend.

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Kind of Misbehavin’ -There’s no such thing as a textbook crime! by Pete Townsend

A jazz-infused, comic crime caper where the worlds of academia, politics and amateur sleuthing collide in seemingly random acts of corruption. Kind of Misbehavin’ takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride through the grey areas of illegal activity that affect us all.

On the same night as a beastly apparition prowls the neighbourhood, Dick Hall, jazz fan and forty-something lecturer at the local college, finds himself accosted by a disembodied voice. Warned of corruption involving the College’s senior management, politicians and a national hotel chain, he becomes the unwitting recipient of politically sensitive documents. Realising that a minority of people are soon to become extremely wealthy at the expense of the majority, Dick quickly becomes embroiled in an investigation dictated by instructions left for him at a local jazz record shop.

Aided, by his librarian partner Tracey, teaching colleague Dubbya and a bulbous student nicknamed Two-Stroke, Dick treads a hazardous path to uncover shady deals and unscrupulous officials. After having his body pummelled at a massage parlour and his life threatened on a golf course, he discovers evidence indicating that the college is to be demolished and replaced by a leisure complex and casino. Meanwhile, a loving couple at a local beauty spot and a choral society are each, in turn, interrupted in their endeavours by the mysterious apparition. The detecting pair, with just a little help from their friends start to disentangle the various threads of deceit, as they quickly begin to realise that there is no such thing as a textbook crime.

Water Colour and Pencil Book cover by Billy for the novel 'Three String Blues' Pete Townsend .
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'Three String Blues' was published in 2007 and is Pete Townsend's first published novel after a long time writing for other publications and books. Billy has also read chapters of the book and the mp3s are available from Pete Townsend's web site. Along with other information pertaining to the world of Pete Townsend and 'Three String Blues'.

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'Three String Blues' follows the life of Harry Cousins and the pursuit of love.... With a lady and with the
PRS (Paul Reed Smith Guitars) on the cover. 'Three String Blues' has a rocking (or should that be a bluesing?) soundtrack as Harry's band exploits go from bad to worse to slightly better. You could do with setting up your iPod to play the tracks as you read along! Complete with the joys of the college staff room and raising three sarcastic teenagers... Below is the blurb from the back of 'Three String Blues' and the pencil sketch of the PRS. There is also a pen and ink doodle of Pete Townsend and his writing studio.

Back Page Blurb from Pete Townsend's 'Three String Blues'

"On the same day as his ill-fated attempt to win the pee-up-the-wall competition at primary school, Harry Cousin’s father failed to return home from a hectic train-spotting stint. With a real sense of loss, Harry shuffled into adolescence.  

Now, still feeling he’s losing everything that’s important to him, Harry’s fighting for the custody of his three children and struggling to come to terms with teaching at the local college. After being arrested for a case of mistaken intent, he wants to find some meaning in life … Harry joins a Blues band.

And so begins a series of bizarre events on a rollercoaster journey, as he soon discovers that the Blues is more than just a category in a music store .... … it’s a lifestyle. "

Pen & Ink drawing by Billy of Pete Townsend for his website and a pencil sketch of a PRS Guitar for Pete Townsend's book 'Three String Blues'

'Pete Townsend Plays a Taylor' Pencil Sketch Idea for Taylor Guitars by Billy.

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