Ridin' With the Pack by Billy.

This is a new series of cartoon art by Billy having fun with the Motorcycle industry from Racers through to everyday riders. Ridin' With the Pack will have their own website but they have products from T-shirts to mugs to phone covers and other bits and pieces from
McStout the Badger is probably the fattest and fastest badger on the roads. He could possibly remind you of a certain McPint - the Morcombe Missile John McGuinnes. And BY ECK CHIEF!.. My Ferret holding ‘Me Brew’ - a professional tea drinker, full time truck fitter and amazing road racer could possibly be based on a certain Mr Guy Martin.
There will be lots of new characters coming out over the years so keep coming back to check them out on here, their website, facebook or Mugs4u.com pages.

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