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How to Draw a Zombie from Plants vs Zombies and what Graphite Pencils to Survive the Apocalypse

How to draw a Zombie with a Zombie Pencil in the Apocalypse! This video shows you how to draw a Zombie from Plants Vs Zombies in real time and fully narrated for beginners. I use an unbranded and unknown grade of graphite pencil to do this drawing to see how it fares and can you do a full drawing with a cheap pencil. 

The first 19 minutes I go over the graphite pencils I use for my drawings and the erasers and sharpeners. The essential equipment to survive drawing in any Apocalypse.

The Drawing lesson of the Zombie starts at 19:20.

Anyway do enjoy and like and subscribe and click the notifications bell as I will be adding lots more videos for absolute beginners and more complex with Harry Potter portraits and many, many more.