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How to Draw Dusty Crophopper from Planes 2 Fire and Rescue full narrated film

At last after a long day with interesting thorns and thistles on technical bits and bobs my How to Draw Dusty Crophopper narrated film is on Youtube. This is the first of three from the Planes 2 Fire and Rescue film with Dipper and Blade next up on the drawing board. Live drawing to inspire and help beginners with full narration. Enjoy the film and doodling.

How to Draw Woody from Toy Story – Shading Section of my Video

Sheriff Woody has told me that I will be put in his Jail if I don’t put up the real time shading section of his ‘How to Draw Woody’ film so here it is. Enjoy a little¬†holiday fun drawing Woody and the main video is in the previous blog post and links are in the Youtube video too.

How to Draw Woody from Toy Story

It is the summer holiday here in the UK and the sun is shining but when the rain finally lands, it is how we have our green and pleasant land, your children (or a big child) can have a go at drawing Wood from Toy Story. who was once titled ‘The Nation’s Favourite babysitter’ by Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode on their film movie review show ‘wittertainment’ on BBC Radio 5.

Enjoy the two videos below. The first is a real time with a bit of time-lapse in it and the second is just a short time-lapse film to watch the drawing from start to finish.

Enjoy your doodling.