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Painting the Royal Welch Fusiliers raising the Flag Colours in battle for the RWF Museum time-lapse

Here is a time-lapse of my watercolour art showing the Royal Welch Fusiliers in battle raising the Flag Standard ‘Colours’ to rally troops and raise morale in the heat of the fight.All to the stirring tune of the 1812 Overture.

This piece of art was produced for the RWF Museum;

and is part of their display used in banners within the Royal Welch Fusiliers Regimental Museum for visitors to view as they travel through the collection. Other paintings were produced for the RWF Regimental Museum and future time-lapses will be added.

Big studio cleared up!

15 years of constant adding certainly takes a fair amount of time to sort out and clean up. But if you compare yesterdays ‘in progress’ post and photo of the clear up you can now see I have a clean studio with a floor I can see and I can get my easel in that was a present from my lovely wife.

So first on the easel is the painting of Michael Dunlop from his historic 2014 Isle of Man TT wins on the BMW. After that I have a clear run at my other motorcycle racing, British Touring car art and other projects as I can now get to my desk for drawing and an easel for painting. Fun months ahead. Now though off to walk the Poochie amongst ‘Dad Taxi’ duties and ‘The Shed’ in for its MOT so a little relaxed day after more than a weeks worth of major clearing out. I recommend it to anyone.


Big studio clear up!

After 15 or so years working in my studio and just ‘adding’ more and more stuff in their it got to the point where a major clear out is needed so I can have a clear run at my art for the next 15 or so years. The photo below is a work in progress and shows the nearly finished stages – it was A LOT messier earlier!…

Why do we just keep and hold onto stuff that we will never need and use that has absolutely no intrinsic personal or emotional value attached to it? As much as I love the storage folks and the service that they offer I have no need to just put a load of stuff I don’t need into a warehouse somewhere to sit and gather dust there. And it does take a rather long time to sort out all the items into their recyclable sections nowadays too!

So this is what I have been doing rather than painting but that will recommence very soon. Hopefully today my new easel present from my beautiful wifey will be installed and I can look forward to fun and happy uncluttered times slapping paint around.