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Valentino Rossi 2017 MotoGP Yamaha YZR M1 oil painting by Billy WIP 1

Here is a quick little update on my new Valentino Rossi ‘The Doctor’ oil painting of him on the 2017 Yamaha YZR M1 MotoGP prototype race bike.

This little shot shows the pencil line, then turps in first with a brown line to seal the graphite and then washed in with very thin oil colour to give the canvas a tooth for me to add the background and detail layers to the painting.

Valentino Rossi 2017 Yamaha YZR M1 MotoGP oil painting by Billy WIP 1

Valentino Rossi 2017 Yamaha YZR M1 MotoGP oil painting by Billy WIP 1

Eugene Laverty 2015 MotoGP Cartoon Art by Billy

I was commissioned by MotoGP rider Eugene Laverty to produce a piece of cartoon art (he has the original) to be used on his personal merchandise for his 2015 season on the open class Honda race bike.

This cartoon timelapse shows the initial drawing, Eugene’s catchphrase ‘Ride It Like You’re Late For Mass’ wording, and the final pen, ink and watercolour art being produced. There is also a children’s colouring sheet in the video which is free to download from my website www.billyart.co.uk

The cartoon art of Eugene on the bike is available as a limited edition giclée fine art print of only 20 copies too.

The complexity of buying artist canvas… Cotton or linen? Part 2

After yesterdays post – it is now past midnight and after a long day of DIY (should stand for Don’t Involve Yourself!) I haven’t turned into a pumpkin but managed to make a purchase on the Linen Canvas Roll Conundrum. So DIY canvas making here I come again as I can’t get a standard size linen canvas for my Motorcycle art. 20×30 inches is a little to large and the 2:3 ratio is what I require for my paintings and no one does a 16×24 inch or 12x18inch canvas which I would like to use. So I am making them myself.

But before I go onto my purchase one other point on bad mass produced canvasses. Why oh why do the people who oversee them being made have them stapled in the corners through the tenon joints? A staple in each corner through both pieces of interlocking wood has a rather marked effect on rendering the STRETCHER KEYS USELESS! (emphasis mine for obvious effect)

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Finally starting The Art of Billy blog page


This has been a very long time in appearing but finally I have started ‘The Art of Bily’ blog.

So here I will post my ramblings on art related subjects and some things that may be on my mind. There will be all updates on my own art which is mainly within motorsport subjects of F1, MotoGP, BSB, WSBK, BTCC and Road Racing. In the picture you can see me with my oil on canvas painting of History Maker Marc Márquez which you can view more full on my website along with my other art.

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