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How to draw The Boss Baby voiced by Alec Baldwin for art beginners

Here is my new How to Draw video from Dreamworks’ new digital animated movie ‘The Boss Baby’ whose character is voiced by Alec Baldwin. I haven’t done a How To Draw video for a while as I have been busy on other projects but here is the first of my 2017 videos. This is fully narrated and in real time too. Clips of my drawing of Cheryl and Michael Dunlop are in the film along with some of my other How to Draw art tutorials.

How to Draw Anything! The Basics Part 1 over 200 thousand views.

My beginners art tutorial ‘How to Draw Anything! The Basics Part 1 Using Shapes’ on youtube has now had over 200,000 views (As of February 15th 2017).

I produced this video in 2014 showing simple techniques that I learned from many books over 30 years ago about drawing and distilling them into a short 22 minute real time video to simply encourage people to have a go at drawing and to enjoy art.

Since then it has been lovely getting lots of comments that this simple art lesson has helped many people to enjoy drawing and develop their artistic creativity.

How to Draw Dragonite from Pokémon for beginners with cheap felt tips from Poundland

Here is my third How to Draw Pokemon for art beginners videos using cheap felt tip pens bought from Poundland. This time I am drawing Dragonite and it is fully narrated in Full HD and it has links in for absolute beginners to my How to Draw ANYTHING tutorials too. Along with links to the other Pokemon videos and How to Draw youtube playlist.

How to Draw Jigglypuff from Pokémon & Pokemon-Go

Here is my new Youtube beginners art tutorial video. How to draw Jigglypuff the cute Pokémon character using cheap felt tips from Poundland. This is the second video, the first was Pikachu, using a set of cheap markers to see how well they fare. Enjoy the video and see how well the pens do.

How to Draw Pikachu from Pokémon with cheap felt tip pens from Poundland a test!

It’s the Summer Holidays & need something to occupy the kids? Have you ever bought some felt tips from Poundland and wonder what they might be like for art?

How to Draw Pikachu from Pokémon & Pokemon-Go felt tip pen drawing test with a set of cheap felt tip pens from Poundland.

How to Draw Duke from The Secret Life Of Pets

How to draw Duke from The Secret Life of Pets movie for ART BEGINNERS.

This beginners art tutorial takes you from a blank piece of paper with a 2b pencil to a finished drawing of Duke WHO IS MASSIVE AND VERY, VERY FURRY in just over 27 minutes in real time!