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How to Draw Mr Incredible – Bob Parr from Incredibles 2 voiced by Craig T Nelson

How to draw Mr Incredible from the new 2018 Incredibles 2 Disney Pixar Movie for art beginners.

This beginners art tutorial takes you from a blank piece of paper with a 2b pencil, cheap felt tip pens and 27 year old crayons to a finished colour drawing of Mr Incredible – Bob Parr (voiced by actor Craig T Nelson) in real time!

How to Draw a Quick Sketch Portrait – Drawing Jude Law as Professor Dumbledore for beginners

How to draw a quick sketch portrait of Professor Albus Dumbledore for art beginners.

Using Jude Law who plays the young Dumbledore in the 2018 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film ‘The Crimes of Grindlewald’. You can see how using the simple shapes techniques you can draw a portrait of anyone.

This beginners art tutorial takes you from a blank piece of paper with a 2b and 4b pencil to a full portrait drawing in real time in just over an hour.

How to Draw ANYTHING! part 1 Using Shapes.

Sounds like a a grand opening but here is my entry level BASICS video on starting to draw using shapes to create the structure of your drawing of ANYTHING.

By simply using boxes, rectangles, cones, cylinders and ellipses you can lay a foundation down to draw anything from a bird, a bee, a flea, a tree, a horse, a house or ANYTHING else!

There are a number of videos on my Youtube channel and I regularly add new ones so this could be a great way of keeping yourself or your children busy for many hours.

I hope you enjoy the video and do get doodling.