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How to Draw Anything! The Basics Part 1 over 200 thousand views.

My beginners art tutorial ‘How to Draw Anything! The Basics Part 1 Using Shapes’ on youtube has now had over 200,000 views (As of February 15th 2017).

I produced this video in 2014 showing simple techniques that I learned from many books over 30 years ago about drawing and distilling them into a short 22 minute real time video to simply encourage people to have a go at drawing and to enjoy art.

Since then it has been lovely getting lots of comments that this simple art lesson has helped many people to enjoy drawing and develop their artistic creativity.

How to Draw Anything! The Basics Part 1 using shapes

In the long and distant past I learned how to draw by copying comics and cartoons. One of my earliest doodling memories was copying a ‘Bash Street Kids’ cartoon from the ‘Beano’ comic of them all in a clumped up in a giant snow ball. I then went on to Star Wars characters and 2000AD’s Judge Dredd, Batman and many others. But it doesn’t matter whether you want to draw a bird, a bee, a flea, a tree, a horse, a house or anything else, drawing (and then painting is colouring in) is a matter of practice.

But just like learning any other skill there are some principles that you can learn to help get you started and I hope that my Youtube videos may be of assistance here in your creative journey.

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