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The Big Draw October 1st to 2nd November 2014

1st of October to 2nd November is the world’s biggest drawing festival #thebigdraw starts today. Let’s get everyone drawing! 1 Oct – 2 Nov #art The Big Draw so get your pencils out and have a doodle. Here’s my Doctor Who Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman Timelapse portraits to inspire you. Don’t get freaked out by them but check out my youtube channel via the vids and go to the ‘How to Draw’ channel for a lot of basics videos. Enjoy ­čÖé


Drawing Doctor Who’s Tardis Time-lapse video

Here is a short Timelord Time-lapse of the How to Draw the Tardis using Two Point Perspective from the BBC Science Fiction series Doctor Who. This is just over two minutes long and will give you an overview of what is in the fully narrated real time film.

Drawing the Tardis using Two Point Perspective

Drawing the Tardis using Two Point Perspective


Coming soon How to Draw a Dalek from Doctor Who for beginners

To go along with my Timelord portrait time-lapse films of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and his assistant Clara Oswald played by Jenna Coleman I have done a beginners ‘How to Draw a Dalek’ drawing that I now need to┬áedit and get on youtube. For now though here is a photo of the Dalek doodle.

How to Draw a Dalek by Billy

How to Draw a Dalek by Billy

Jenna Coleman Clara Oswald in Doctor Who Portrait

Some work in progress stills and the finished artwork of Actress Jenna Coleman who plays Clara Oswald in the BBC Television Scince fiction series Doctor Who. Jenna plays opposite the new Doctor Peter Capaldi in series 8 of the family favourite programme. The stills of this portrait drawing are from my time-lapse video which I will post later.


Drawing Doctor Who Peter Capaldi as The Doctor Time-lapse Video

Here is my Time-Lord time-lapse video of my pencil drawing portrait of Peter Capaldi who is playing the new Doctor in the Season 8 series of the BBC Science Fiction television programme Doctor Who.

The theme tune for the film was arranged by my son Peter Bill