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Why Buy Any Art?…

Interesting article about Damien Hirst and his falling prices. Sounds like life in general. Property can devalue, cars devalue – just about everything does and fads and fame can come and go.
The joys of investing in the contemporary art world – buy art because you like it whatever the cost – not to invest.
In the end buy art because you like it.

Buy a genuine fake – and not a Damien Hirst in sight.

After my last post about Damien Hirst’s ‘Bombay Mix’ ownership wrangle of a Hirst that wasn’t a Hirst (or could be) Here is a lovely story of an exhibition legitimately made up of Fake paintings. http://billyart.co.uk/blog/?p=80

John Myatt spent a year in prison for being Britain’s most prolific art forger. He now has his own exhibition in the West End of London Village with his own works. In the exhibition Mr Myatt has adapted the style of other famous artists from Monet to Lichtenstein at a fraction of their original multi million pound price tags as well as doing his own observational paintings. Enjoy.



Lichtenstein copy.


Avenue Of Flowers at Giverny


My Pigeon & Apple View From E Wing Brixton Prison

Damien Hirst not a Damien Hirst and copyright ©

Rather interesting piece in The Independent about a Damien Hirst piece of art that he (or an assistant) painted, sorry created, in 1988 that could now not be by Damien (or his assistant!) and this all comes down to the copyright © of who actually owns the art. In real art market terms it is about the art’s provenance but in real world terms it is all about money…

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The Top 10 Animal Portraits in Art

Great little article that appeared via twitter from The Wildlife Trusts @wildlifetrusts from a Guardian article. As art is subjective this is an interesting list from Jonathan Jones covering a few thousand years of different art – some possibly familiar to you – some not – some controversial – some not. But what is your favourite that isn’t in Jonathan’s list?

Can you remember David Shepherd’s Elephant in Del Boy’s living room in Only Fools and horses – or is there a Robert Bateman painting that you love, or a Nigel Hemming that captures your favourite breed of dog?… Or whichever artist is your favourite, that is the beauty and subjective nature of art and the viewer.