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How to solve the £886 Million Pound NHS Deficit – Some simple thoughts

Could it be simple to solve the NHS £886 Million pound deficit in 2017? Is it the fault of the Rich, the Super Rich, Tax Avoidance, Bad Government?.. Or is there a simple solution?

Here from my art studio where I normally do my drawings, paintings and how to draw videos I listen to the radio, like so many of you, and hear the news. So here are some simple thoughts, not a rant, from a simpleton. Musing whether there is a solution that can very quickly sort out the NHS, not just now but here after too.

There are some simple mathematics involved and it could be that a few could sort this out – or many – or a combination of the two.

So get a brew and listen to my thoughts on this subject in this short Youtube Video. My links to the articles in the video are below.

Guardian Article Feb 20 th 2017 ‘NHS trusts post ‘unsustainable’ £886m third-quarter deficit’

Sunday Times Rich list – you need to subscribe to the online paper to see it.

Sunday Times Rich List 2016 Page on Wikipedia

Daily Telegraph Article 7th June 2016 Tim Wallace


Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2 programme