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How To Draw The Simpsons for beginners (5 Real time drawing lessons fully narrated)

In this YouTube video there are links to How To Draw The Simpsons cartoon characters, Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie. For Beginners using beginner art techniques.

These beginner art lessons will teach you the basics of drawing using beginners techniques. I used cheap felt tips and color pencil crayons from Poundland (or any supermarket) to make these videos very real world and not using expensive markers or coloured pencils.

You can see in real time and fully narrated how using the simple shapes techniques and a basic cross guide line you can draw these and many other characters.

These art tutorials takes you from a blank piece of paper to a full finished drawing in real time and are fully narrated.

How to Draw Dusty Crophopper from Planes 2 Fire and Rescue full narrated film

At last after a long day with interesting thorns and thistles on technical bits and bobs my How to Draw Dusty Crophopper narrated film is on Youtube. This is the first of three from the Planes 2 Fire and Rescue film with Dipper and Blade next up on the drawing board. Live drawing to inspire and help beginners with full narration. Enjoy the film and doodling.

Drawing Rex the Dinosaur from Toy Story Time-lapse film

Here is a short Time-lapse video link of Rex the Dinosaur from Toy Story for a little more Summer Holiday drawing fun. So now there are 5 characters from Toy Story drawn with Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear and Hamm the Piggy Bank along with Rex. Full narrated film will be along soon…

How to Draw ANYTHING! part 1 Using Shapes.

Sounds like a a grand opening but here is my entry level BASICS video on starting to draw using shapes to create the structure of your drawing of ANYTHING.

By simply using boxes, rectangles, cones, cylinders and ellipses you can lay a foundation down to draw anything from a bird, a bee, a flea, a tree, a horse, a house or ANYTHING else!

There are a number of videos on my Youtube channel and I regularly add new ones so this could be a great way of keeping yourself or your children busy for many hours.

I hope you enjoy the video and do get doodling.