ABRSM Music Theory Grade 2 YouTube Tuition Video Series Playlist in 4K by Sharon Bill

Here is ABRSM Grade 2 Music Theory 21 video playlist by music tutor Sharon Bill. Sharon has gone through the Grade 2 Music in Theory work book from ABRSM systematically from start to finish. Again when I took this exam I passed my ABRSM grade 2 with 100 percent too – FULL MARKS AGAIN!

Sharon has filmed the videos in 4K too and there is an accompanying free PDF to grade 2 as well as grade 1 in A4 and US Letter to download from Sharon’s website www.SharonBill.com

This set of videos starts straight in with Ledger Lines and builds on the knowledge studied in Grade 1 (Yesterday’s blog post). Grades 1 and 3 are online now too. Sharon has a full page on her website for her YouTube videos with the ABRSM grades on separate lists along with Scales, Arpeggios, Broken Chords and other piano music lessons. Great lessons for anyone who is beginning studying piano and music theory of any age or for homeschoolring moms everywhere.