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Why Buy Any Art?…

Interesting article about Damien Hirst and his falling prices. Sounds like life in general. Property can devalue, cars devalue – just about everything does and fads and fame can come and go.
The joys of investing in the contemporary art world – buy art because you like it whatever the cost – not to invest.
In the end buy art because you like it.

Eugene Laverty 2015 MotoGP Cartoon Art by Billy

I was commissioned by MotoGP rider Eugene Laverty to produce a piece of cartoon art (he has the original) to be used on his personal merchandise for his 2015 season on the open class Honda race bike.

This cartoon timelapse shows the initial drawing, Eugene’s catchphrase ‘Ride It Like You’re Late For Mass’ wording, and the final pen, ink and watercolour art being produced. There is also a children’s colouring sheet in the video which is free to download from my website

The cartoon art of Eugene on the bike is available as a limited edition giclée fine art print of only 20 copies too.

Chris Walker 2015 BSB Bewiser Kawasaki drawing stage 1

Finally got the outline down on my Chris “Stalker” Walker​ Bewiser Kawasaki Superbike Team​ 2015 British Superbike Championship​ pencil drawing. Now all motorcycles are a little fiddly, but this one was particularly ‘interesting’ to do with lots of ‘sticking my tongue out’ in concentration 😛

All fun though now onto the next stage.

Chris 'Stalker' Walker 2015 BSB Bewiser Kawasaki pencil drawing by Billy WIP 1

Chris ‘Stalker’ Walker 2015 BSB Bewiser Kawasaki pencil drawing by Billy WIP