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The Murky World of Art Auctions – Caravaggio

Here is a fascinating little story about a Caravaggio painting sold at Sotheby’s. Is it an original and worth £10 Million? Who knows but this is high stakes money in the art world that we are given an occasional glimpse into via the wonderful BBC series ‘Fake or Fortune’. Where Philip Mould, Bendor Grosvenor and Fiona Bruce try to validate an attribution to an artists work. Stunning.

The Cardsharps by Caravaggio - or is it

The Cardsharps by Caravaggio – or is it

The Big Draw October 1st to 2nd November 2014

1st of October to 2nd November is the world’s biggest drawing festival #thebigdraw starts today. Let’s get everyone drawing! 1 Oct – 2 Nov #art The Big Draw so get your pencils out and have a doodle. Here’s my Doctor Who Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman Timelapse portraits to inspire you. Don’t get freaked out by them but check out my youtube channel via the vids and go to the ‘How to Draw’ channel for a lot of basics videos. Enjoy 🙂