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Drawing Doctor Who’s Tardis Time-lapse video

Here is a short Timelord Time-lapse of the How to Draw the Tardis using Two Point Perspective from the BBC Science Fiction series Doctor Who. This is just over two minutes long and will give you an overview of what is in the fully narrated real time film.

Drawing the Tardis using Two Point Perspective

Drawing the Tardis using Two Point Perspective

Winsor & Newton Artist oils a bit too oily today

This Vlog is a question to Winsor & Newton in regards of their artist oils range of wonderful paints.

Yesterday I painted the left arm of Michael Dunlop’s leathers on my oil painting of him fro the 2014 Isle of Man TT on which he made history for BMW by winning for them for the first time in 75 years at the world famous TT races.

I used Cobalt Blue along with Ultramarine and a few other colours and I work alla prima most of the time to get the detail I require but when I came to put more Cobalt blue paint on my pallete to do Michael’s right boot a lot of oil came out and not the ‘cream cheese’ I am used to painting with. This also has happened with Winsor Lemon and my Ivory Black. This very oily paint stopped me from doing the detail that I normally achieve with your excellent paints.

I can’t think that this is normal so I am looking forward to Winsor & Newton letting me know why this is happening and if it will stop or if I have some dud paint.


Coming soon How to Draw a Dalek from Doctor Who for beginners

To go along with my Timelord portrait time-lapse films of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and his assistant Clara Oswald played by Jenna Coleman I have done a beginners ‘How to Draw a Dalek’ drawing that I now need to edit and get on youtube. For now though here is a photo of the Dalek doodle.

How to Draw a Dalek by Billy

How to Draw a Dalek by Billy

Peter Hickman 2014 Isle of Man TT Fastest Newcomer oil painting completed

Last night I finished the Peter Hickman oil on linen painting (and then went to watch The Great British Bake Off) of his exploits at the 2014 Isle of Man TT races where he became the fastest newcomer ever with the outstanding average speed lap of 129.104 mph around the famous mountain course.

This TT history capturing piece of art was the first painting on a new easel that was a present from my beautiful wife and I am now looking forward to producing many more.

The painting now has to dry prior to varnishing and then getting sorted for reproduction as fine art prints.


Jenna Coleman Clara Oswald in Doctor Who Portrait

Some work in progress stills and the finished artwork of Actress Jenna Coleman who plays Clara Oswald in the BBC Television Scince fiction series Doctor Who. Jenna plays opposite the new Doctor Peter Capaldi in series 8 of the family favourite programme. The stills of this portrait drawing are from my time-lapse video which I will post later.


Peter Hickman 2014 Isle of Man TT painting update

Here is a quick detail update of my oil on linen canvas painting of Peter Hickman who became the fastest newcomer at the 2014 Isle of Man TT races (indicated by the Orange bib on Hicky’s leathers) of an average speed of 129.104mph around the famous 37 and 3 quarter mile TT mountain course.

Peter Hickman did this amazing feat on the Paul Shoesmith Ice Valley Racing Superstock BMW S100RR racebike.