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How to Draw Jessie from Toy Story

With a little possible inclement weather coming in to the UK and the prospect of kids trapped indoors here is a narrated video on how to draw Cowgirl Jessie from Toy Story. So get your pencils, paper and popcorn and enjoy a bit of drawing fun.

How to Draw Woody from Toy Story – Shading Section of my Video

Sheriff Woody has told me that I will be put in his Jail if I don’t put up the real time shading section of his ‘How to Draw Woody’ film so here it is. Enjoy a little holiday fun drawing Woody and the main video is in the previous blog post and links are in the Youtube video too.

How to Draw Woody from Toy Story

It is the summer holiday here in the UK and the sun is shining but when the rain finally lands, it is how we have our green and pleasant land, your children (or a big child) can have a go at drawing Wood from Toy Story. who was once titled ‘The Nation’s Favourite babysitter’ by Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode on their film movie review show ‘wittertainment’ on BBC Radio 5.

Enjoy the two videos below. The first is a real time with a bit of time-lapse in it and the second is just a short time-lapse film to watch the drawing from start to finish.

Enjoy your doodling.

Beautiful Sunset Time-lapse Film

We are incredibly blessed to have a wonderful view over the Cheshire plains towards Liverpool in England which lights up our home a beautiful fiery orange when the sun sets on a clear evening. Or as in this case even with some trailing clouds.

On this 2014 Summer evening I grabbed my Panasonic Lumix FZ200 camera and intervalometer then placed the camera on a bench to capture this scene quickly as I would have missed the setting sun going to get my tripod from my studio. I hope you enjoy this little minute of a stunning view of our wonderful creation which can be both stunningly beautiful and yet also ferociously dangerous.

How to Draw Summer Holiday Projects

Are your kids driving you up the wall already in the summer break? Fortunately for now the weather has been GLORIOUS and the kiddies can play outside s lot but what do you do when the rain clouds come in? A few pieces of paper, pencils and crayons and my favourite cartoon characters kept me busy for days as a child.

So here is my teaser trailer for a good number of ‘How to Draw’ projects for Kids of all ages complete with links to all the individual videos. Just bought The LEGO Movie DVD? There is How to Draw Emmet, Lucy Wyldstyle and (Deep Gravelly Voice) Batman.

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Wind in my loft studio!..

My studio has been in the loft for the past 14-15 years so the only opening window is on an angle. If the outside wind is blowing towards the window it can make for rather interesting circumstances inside. But if it is still or blowing from the non window sides I get to know what the proverbial ‘Christmas Turkey’ feels like in the oven in the summer. It gets very, very hot.

So I have now at last succumbed to having a fan in my studio that keeps the air circulating and as long as I don’t point it at any loose papers it is doing a grand job. Another one of those ‘should have done it years ago’ moments rather than suffer in a sauna while trying to be creative.

fan in studio

How to Draw ANYTHING! part 1 Using Shapes.

Sounds like a a grand opening but here is my entry level BASICS video on starting to draw using shapes to create the structure of your drawing of ANYTHING.

By simply using boxes, rectangles, cones, cylinders and ellipses you can lay a foundation down to draw anything from a bird, a bee, a flea, a tree, a horse, a house or ANYTHING else!

There are a number of videos on my Youtube channel and I regularly add new ones so this could be a great way of keeping yourself or your children busy for many hours.

I hope you enjoy the video and do get doodling.


Buy a genuine fake – and not a Damien Hirst in sight.

After my last post about Damien Hirst’s ‘Bombay Mix’ ownership wrangle of a Hirst that wasn’t a Hirst (or could be) Here is a lovely story of an exhibition legitimately made up of Fake paintings.

John Myatt spent a year in prison for being Britain’s most prolific art forger. He now has his own exhibition in the West End of London Village with his own works. In the exhibition Mr Myatt has adapted the style of other famous artists from Monet to Lichtenstein at a fraction of their original multi million pound price tags as well as doing his own observational paintings. Enjoy.


Lichtenstein copy.


Avenue Of Flowers at Giverny


My Pigeon & Apple View From E Wing Brixton Prison