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The Top 10 Animal Portraits in Art

Great little article that appeared via twitter from The Wildlife Trusts @wildlifetrusts from a Guardian article. As art is subjective this is an interesting list from Jonathan Jones covering a few thousand years of different art – some possibly familiar to you – some not – some controversial – some not. But what is your favourite that isn’t in Jonathan’s list?

Can you remember David Shepherd’s Elephant in Del Boy’s living room in Only Fools and horses – or is there a Robert Bateman painting that you love, or a Nigel Hemming that captures your favourite breed of dog?… Or whichever artist is your favourite, that is the beauty and subjective nature of art and the viewer.

Isle of Man TT mural at The Red Lion Checkley Staffs

Got the post TT Road Race Blues? While I am starting work on a number of 2014 TT paintings, including Michael Dunlop on the beastial BMW S1000RR, here is a reminder of a mural I did for fun at The Red Lion Country Inn in Checkley, Staffordshire. Just a simple slideshow that shows the work in progress and the fantastic culinary art produced there by Ash. Well worth a visit for a meal or two, or three, or four…

The Red Lion’s Facebook page
The Red Lion, 28 Church Lane, Checkley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffrodshire, ST10 4NJ
01538 722003

How to Draw ANYTHING! Using a Grid to draw Olaf from Frozen for beginners

In the video below you will see a simple way to help your drawing improve and put you in the esteemed artistic company of artists including the very famous British Landscape artist John Constable RA.

To keep kids of all ages busy for a while I have chosen Olaf from the Disney film Frozen as he is made up of nice simple shapes as a follow on from the ‘How to Draw’ parts 1 and 2 using shapes and shading. There is also a link in the video on how to draw an Audi A4 racing car using a grid too. So get your pencils out and have a go at drawing Olaf using a grid and then get creative with your own art too.

The complexity of buying artist canvas… Cotton or linen? Part 2

After yesterdays post – it is now past midnight and after a long day of DIY (should stand for Don’t Involve Yourself!) I haven’t turned into a pumpkin but managed to make a purchase on the Linen Canvas Roll Conundrum. So DIY canvas making here I come again as I can’t get a standard size linen canvas for my Motorcycle art. 20×30 inches is a little to large and the 2:3 ratio is what I require for my paintings and no one does a 16×24 inch or 12x18inch canvas which I would like to use. So I am making them myself.

But before I go onto my purchase one other point on bad mass produced canvasses. Why oh why do the people who oversee them being made have them stapled in the corners through the tenon joints? A staple in each corner through both pieces of interlocking wood has a rather marked effect on rendering the STRETCHER KEYS USELESS! (emphasis mine for obvious effect)

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The complexity of buying artist canvas… Cotton or linen?

As life keeps ticking on and more and more choice is given it doesn’t always lead to more convenience or simplicity. With the increase in internet usage and online suppliers in all markets and not only art equipment this had led to a far greater amount of choice but this not necessarily a simple procedure for the artistic purchaser.

For example my recent experiences in purchasing canvases for oil painting and the, what seems to be a simple choice of two, decision between cotton or linen artist canvas.

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Tom Sykes does the double again in Misano & King Carl Fogarty

Yesterday at Misano in Italy, the 22nd June 2014, Tom Sykes won both World Superbike races – he is the first British rider to do that since Carl Fogarty in 1999!

In the videos below you will see my painting of Tom’s glorious home double win at his home round at Donington Park race track on his way top winning the World Superbike championship in 2013 – a feat he repeated in the sunshine again this year in 2014 too. Along with the slideshow video of the celebratory art commissioned and co-signed by Carl Fogarty to celebrate his World Superbike success after ten years of retirement.
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How to Draw ANYTHING! The Basics Part 2 – Shading

After yesterdays Part 1 of ‘How to Draw ANYTHING!’ basics video – using simple shapes to construct your drawing:

Here is the Part 2 video which covers the very basics of shading. From pencil and grade choice through to smudging techniques with a little bit on how light affects objects and how using an eraser (rubber for UK artists) is part of an artist’s drawing tool kit. After that it is down to just enjoying your art and practice, practice and decades later keep on practicing.

How to Draw Anything! The Basics Part 1 using shapes

In the long and distant past I learned how to draw by copying comics and cartoons. One of my earliest doodling memories was copying a ‘Bash Street Kids’ cartoon from the ‘Beano’ comic of them all in a clumped up in a giant snow ball. I then went on to Star Wars characters and 2000AD’s Judge Dredd, Batman and many others. But it doesn’t matter whether you want to draw a bird, a bee, a flea, a tree, a horse, a house or anything else, drawing (and then painting is colouring in) is a matter of practice.

But just like learning any other skill there are some principles that you can learn to help get you started and I hope that my Youtube videos may be of assistance here in your creative journey.

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