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Is a waterslide art or an event?…

(con) ‘Artist’ Luke Jerram in Bristol today (May the 4th be with you) had a water slide (long one 295 feet or 90 metres in new money) set up down Park Street in Bristol. Now does this mean that every water slide in every water theme park is ‘art’? Or is it just that an ‘artist’ managed to convince the Bristol Council to just ‘have a bit of fun’? Does it mean that everything an ‘artist’ does is art? Using the toilet, unblocking the drains, mowing the lawn, reading a book is an installation? One thing for sure is that a very long water slide is a great laugh but another thing for sure is it certainly isn’t art, it is an event and made a lot of folks smile which can’t be bad – well done Luke for that.

See the BBC News article for more details:

The joys of the artistic life – the one man band… Getting old…

Song Thrush Bird Song Video by Billy

It is now after midnight, that is not a problem normally as we are more owl than fowl – and we keep chickens, of a long week. Being self employed as an artist you have the privilege of doing everything to do with your artistic endeavours. From ‘Boss’ at the top of the organisation to ‘Bottle Washer’ at the nadir. This means that a lot of the time you are not being ‘creative’ in producing art but laying an administrative and organisational foundation that will help later when painting productivity is resumed.

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